Brian White

Brian White

Independent District Sales Agent

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Not all patients are the same. Neither are dental debt collection agencies. This is why TSI always starts by fully understanding the specifics of your accounts and the goals of your business.

You treat a variety of challenging cases every day. In addition to the stress of handling a busy clinical practice, you have all the risk associated with running a business. Whether it’s increasing competition, a changing regulatory environment, or the pressure of cash flow when attempting to expand your practice, dentists face unprecedented struggles that escalate when consumer accounts run in the red.

The truth is that you, and your staff, just don’t have enough time to respond to dental collections on past due accounts. That’s where TSI can help.

Expect TSI Professionals to be:

  • Experienced enough to finesse your most difficult past due accounts without damaging your reputation in the community.
  • Flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment in healthcare – and in the collections industry.
  • Empathetic enough to understand that every patient situation is different. We use advanced analytics to help determine if the past due account is a pattern of behavior or just a temporary personal setback for a patient that has helped build your practice.

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