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Keith Martens

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Healthcare receivable accounts amount to roughly 6 percent of healthcare providers’ revenue as patients’ out-of-pocket expenses are projected to rise from $330B to $556B by 2025. *

As healthcare debt continues to rise, effective revenue cycle management and collections become increasingly important. That’s where TSI comes in. We’re an industry leader in healthcare collections. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a group practice, a dentist, optometrist, or even a veterinary specialist, TSI can help you concentrate on your practice instead of outstanding balances.

Delivering enhanced collection results and improving patient experiences are the core principles for our medical debt collection solutions.

Our team of healthcare professionals works with hospital systems, physician groups, and private practices across the country to streamline their revenue cycle management and healthcare debt collection processes by helping them better understand the value of their A/R and reducing the cost to collect.

Paired with an empathetic and HIPAA compliance-focused approach to healthcare collections, our clients realize higher debt recoveries without jeopardizing patient relationships or brand integrity.

TSI’s unparalleled commitment to compliance for healthcare providers starts with a medical debt collection team with multiple years of experience collecting healthcare debt. In order to minimize compliance risk and maximize patient-satisfaction, all TSI healthcare debt collectors are subjected to rigorous healthcare-specific compliance training.

Healthcare is growing increasingly challenging. As the cost of providing care increases, providers are searching for new ways to improve accounts receivables through medical collections.

Our efforts to help you capture more revenue while still maintaining goodwill in the community are a crucial part of the clinical revenue cycle for healthcare providers of all sizes and specialty areas. Whether you’re an independent orthopedist in a Topeka practice or part of a large multi-state health system, TSI has an answer to your past due AR.

Spend more time on patient care, rather than receivables, with our easy-to-use, integrated technology solutions, compatible with nearly all A/R systems.

* Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, National Health Expenditure Projections 2015-2025 – Forecast Summary

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