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Kim Howard

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Since 1970, Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI) has been providing tools to businesses to improve their cash flow as well as reduce internal expenses.

TSI is a global leader in accounts receivable management, debt collection, business process outsourcing, and loan servicing solutions. TSI helps businesses of all sizes with their cash flow across a wide array of business lines and vertical markets.

A multi-dimensional company, the TSI team is built from industry experts, functional leaders, an engaged ownership team and a cadre of independent advisors. The team represents a diversity of experiences and backgrounds, all sharing a single-minded focus to improve the financial lives of businesses, institutions, and people.

TSI understands that the relationship you have with your customers/patients is critical to your business. Our services are designed to keep your bottom line healthy while maintaining those relationships.

TSI By The Numbers

TSI 29 Locations

29Locations Globally

TSI 4200 Employees


TSI Founded in 1970

Founded in1970

TSI Licensed in 50 States

Licensed to do business in all50states (as required)

TSI 21.7M Accounts in 2018

21.7MAccounts Placed in 2018

TSI $20.2B+ Serviced

$20.2B+Service Portfolio

Compliance / Regulations


TSI's regulatory compliance is backed by a robust structure that protects our clients by protecting their customers. In the face of increasing regulatory complexity and a hostile cyber-security landscape, you can no longer allow your compliance and data security management - let alone that of your debt collection vendors - to be anything less than industry leading.

Compliance starts at the top at TSI. Our compliance culture is weaved throughout our processes, technology, training, and everything we do. This culture serves to minimize legal, regulatory, and reputational risk for our clients and protects consumers.

Our sweeping regulatory compliance and audit oversight shapes how our employees interact with consumers, how we monitor and assess those interactions, and how we secure and protect both client and consumer data.

Systems to Minimize Risk

We minimize legal, regulatory, and reputational risk for our clients and protect consumers with our proprietary Compliance Management System (CMS). Thanks to the strength of our CMS, TSI's industry-low complaint rate of .017% per contact attempt shields your brand from costly violations and retains customer relationships.

Our CMS is comprised of a number of automated controls dictated by policies and procedures that determine and assign recovery strategies to accounts that comply with federal, state, and local consumer laws and regulations.

We're constantly updating our Compliance Management System (CMS) to ensure that CFPB and Federal Reserve compliance and risk management standards are woven into the fabric of our operations in order to minimize the potential for FDCPA, TCPA, UDAAP, HIPAA, and other regulatory violations.

Best-In-Class Compliance Management System

TSI's CMS is built on four key components and overseen by a robust governance structure spearheaded by our Board of Directors to oversee its effectiveness, promote a culture of compliance, and set clear compliance expectations.

Compliance Program Outcomes

  • Compliance Program
  • Prevents and reduces regulatory violations
  • Protects consumers
  • Decreases risk of litigation

Call Quality Monitoring

  • Routinely monitors and scores calls to improve agent-consumer interactions
  • Requires supervisor-agent review of the monitored calls
  • When necessary, requires coaching and up-training

Consumer Complaint Management

  • Investigates consumer complaints
  • Determines any merit to complaints
  • Performs root-cause analysis
  • Improves consumer contact systems, policies, and procedures

Compliance Audit

Assesses the company's compliance with consumer protection laws, internal policies and procedures and client requirements.

Evolving Compliance Controls

Our CMS is comprised of a number of automated controls dictated by policies and procedures that determine and assign recovery strategies to accounts that comply with federal, state, and local consumer laws and regulations.

PCI DSS Compliant

PCI DSS 3.2 Service Provider Level 1 Attestation

As a certified Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) service provider, our controls are designed to guarantee that all card payment information is accepted, processed, stored, and transmitted within a secure ecosystem. TSI has achieved PCI DSS 3.2 Service Provider Level 1 attestation - the highest level of service provider certification achieved through a rigorous third-party audit.

SSAE 16 Certified


As a certified SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 service provider, we're able to report on all internal controls that govern our financial reporting. Annual examination, audit, and approval by an independent auditing organization guarantee that our systems and controls are secure and effective.

HIPAA Compliance


TSI complies with all standards and controls for our healthcare clients to ensure the protection of patient information in both analog and digital formats.

Proprietary Data Analytics

Utilizing Big Data to Drive Even Bigger Debt Collection Results

TSI's predictive analytics platform, CollectX, delivers the debt recovery boost your accounts receivable need when utilizing our TSI Collection services.

The Benefits of Predictive Data Analytics

Data analytics is a core disruptor in our digital age. Until recently, debt collection agencies would target high-balance accounts in the hopes of collecting bigger debts from fewer accounts. What they didn't realize is that accounts with high balances may not have a high propensity to pay. However, the emerging field of predictive analytics has significantly shifted that focus.

With predictive analytics tools, such as TSI's CollectX, we can now streamline and tailor recovery strategies at the account level using an ever-growing pool of data points to achieve breakthrough debt recovery results. Since we integrated CollectX, our proprietary analytics tool, into our next-gen debt collection platform, our clients have realized on average a 22% increase in their recoveries.

A Closer Look at CollectX

CollectX is a proprietary, cutting-edge predictive analytics model that focuses debt collection efforts on accounts that have the highest statistical probability of liquidating to provide revenue faster at a lower overall cost.

TSI utilizes state-of-the-art SAS technology, statistical techniques and our exceptionally unique data set to dynamically update the account scores on a daily basis, based on new data. These scores are used to rank accounts for collectability.

The Impact of CollectX on Your Bottom Line

With CollectX, you will realize higher recoveries in less time. By leveraging the powerful combination of TSI's next-gen debt collection platform and CollectX to score your accounts for an account level-based contingency fee, you will experience increased cash flow for your delinquent accounts.

With CollectX, we work smarter and you see cash flow faster.

CollectX tells us how likely a consumer is to pay off a debt and what it will take to get them to pay it. With this information we're able to collect more and collect faster for you.


  • Dynamically scores accounts AND phone numbers on a daily basis to inform our recovery strategies and tactics on an account-by-account basis
  • On average has boosted our client's recoveries by 22% since implementation
  • Reduces compliance risk by ensuring repeated attempts to contact consumers unable to pay do not occur
  • Maximizes dial-through rates and generates more contacts and conversions
  • Boosts and accelerates the recoveries of the debts you're owed
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