Mark Griffith

Mark Griffith

TSI Independent Sales Agent

Allentown, PA

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Hello, my name is Mark

Over my entire business career, I have always felt that businesses deserved to be paid on time for the services they provided.

During my past 15 years with Transworld Systems, we have provided accounts receivable tools for businesses so that they may focus on what they do best, without having to spend unreasonable amounts of time or effort collecting money after they have extended credit as a courtesy to their customers.

Everyone realizes that unpaid bills negatively impact prices, expansion, employment, and opportunities in all sectors of the economy.
We feel that late-paying consumers should be held accountable to their obligations in a dignified, lawful, and respectful manner.

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Being in the medical industry, it was important that the accounts be worked in a professional manner. TSI’s services are diplomatic, professional, and very effective recovering our delinquent debt and/or creating communication that we didn’t have before.– Kim W. – Practice Manager

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I don’t have a lot of time to devote to delinquent accounts. When we first started using TSI, some of our “past due” were really way beyond the retrieval point. The TSI system is simple, effective and professional. I would recommend the services of TSI very highly and without hesitation to anyone interested in controlling their receivables.– Marjorie N.

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I sincerely recommend the services of TSI to any office looking to improve their overdue balance account and reduce office costs of in-house collection methods while keeping strong relationships with patients/customers.– Abby S. – Office Manager

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